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PhoneTrans Pro 1.1.0

Make your iPhone content accessible via PC

PhoneTrans Pro lets you manage and transfer content on your iPhone onto your PC. View full description


  • Transfer movie, music and other file types
  • Transfer files between iPhone devices
  • Nice, clean interface


  • Tricky to initially learn how to use

Very good

PhoneTrans Pro lets you manage and transfer content on your iPhone onto your PC.

Having an iOS device is pretty much a given nowadays. It seems like everyone and their mother has an iPhone. As a result, you've probably accumulated a lot of content on your iPhone. Similar to iPhone Explorer, PhoneTrans Pro can help you organize your iPhone files on your desktop, providing a much larger screen for you to browse through everything.

PhoneTrans Pro lets you easily add, delete or rename iPhone music and movies. You can also transfer these types of files to and from your computer or iTunes library easily. You can even transfer these files between iPhones and over Wi-Fi.

PhoneTrans Pro does this by taking advantage of the iOS 5 Wi-Fi sync feature, and you can transfer between unlimited numbers of iPhones. Movies, music, television shows and ringtones are all supported file types.

Although PhoneTrans Pro takes a little time to learn how to use, it's a great resource for people who share their iPhone content with family and friends. Just make sure it's legal to do so before proceeding!

PhoneTrans Pro lets users transfer content from their iPhone to their PC's desktop or another iPhone.

PhoneTrans Pro


PhoneTrans Pro 1.1.0

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